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In Spring 2021 I was selected by The Bronx River Arts Center to lead their Cultural Immigrant Initiative program. It involved three mixed-media workshops, and three culminating public installations involving the community.

I developed three temporary floor tape "murals" created with the community throughout different locations within District 15 in the Bronx.

The intention of the mix-media workshops was to combine and recreate emotional connections that immigrants share, reflecting on memories of family textiles, flora & fauna from different countries, mythical animals, and traditional legends.  Establishing a conversation on these subjects, creating art together, and strengthening emotional connections we build and expand the sense of community, allowing participants to interact directly with the artist and others, enhance the appearance of their neighborhoods, and bring color and new shapes to what otherwise will be just cement. 


Textiles & Family memories. Van Nest Playground, Bronx, NY. June 2021.  

Marta Blair_7.jpg

Quetzalcoatl - Vidalia Park, Bronx, NY. June 2021.  

IMG_5296 copy.jpg

Flora & Fauna of our countries. River Park, Bronx, NY. May 2021.  


Bronx River Arts Center, NY. March 2021.  

Fantastic days - Thank you all! 

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