Painting as an open surface, Layered fragments of time and materials collaging together as life itself, with the complexity of unpredictable events but also with the intentional and somehow contained fluidity that ultimately shape our life.

I enjoy drawings made by the rain in the walls, outlines of growing trees braking the sidewalks, old layers of paint coming through the surface over the years, drawings made by insects in the leaves of a tree. Observing and tracing the surroundings in the presence of time, light or quick memories.

I was born in Medellin-Colombia and moved to NYC in 1997. I have a degree in Fine Arts from National University of Colombia and a BFA in Graphic Design. I have worked in visual arts and textile design over the last 20 years.

I have been part of the Inwood community for about 7 years and so happy to be part of Cornerstone Studios since 2015.

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Ink, acrylics and cotton swatches on Canvas / 60x72' / 2019

Marta Blair Painting 3.jpg

Ink, acrylics and cotton swatches on Canvas / 48x67" / 2018

Marta Blair.jpg

Cotton fabric, cord and acrylics on Canvas / 60X84"/ 2015

Marta Blair Painting Horizontal.jpg

Ink, acrylics and paper on Canvas / 58x87" / 2018

Marta Blair painting.jpg

Mixed Media on Canvas / 72x72" /2014

Marta Blair small works.jpg

Ink, acrylics and paper on Canvas / 24x24"/ 2018

Marta Blair Long painting.jpg

Fabric, wood, nails, and mixed paint on canvas / 5x14 feet / 2003

Mixed Media on Canvas / 36"/2017

Marta Blair Red painting 2.jp

Sack fabric, paper. mesh and mixed paints on canvas / 16x6 feet / 2002

Marta Blair Woodpanel 1.jpg

Acrylic and canvas on wood 35x49" / 2013

Marta Blair double sided.jpg

Double sided hanging canvas / 4.5x9 feet/ 2002

Marta Blair Larger.jpg

Mixed Media on Canvas / 12x6 feet / 2003

Marta Blair 4.jpg

Mixed media on Canvas / 4.5 x 7 feet / 2009

Acrylic on Canvas 44x102"/2005

Acrylic, cotton fabric & Dry lentils on Canvas 44x90"/2005

Acrylic and metallic tacks on Canvas 46x84"/2005

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